Welcoming You To Your Inner Journey!

Hi I'm Nicole!  Founder & CEO of Earth Angels Academy.

Welcome Beautiful Soul! 🙌

Thank you for joining me here at Earth Angels Academy this is the place where you will find all of my offerings - Complimentary & Premium.

A Pathway to Feeling Calm, Connected and Worthy

My mission is to be a guiding light for highly empathic women, providing a safe place to explore your essence, healing what no longer serves you and start to embody your inner light.

Sensitivity is not a weakness and not something you need to shy away from or explain.  I am passionate to teach you ways to embody your sensitivity like the strength that it is and have the wisdom and strategies to drink from the well of your inner light.

I am a Spiritual Teacher, Intutitive Counsellor & Certified EFT Practitioner specialising in supporting Empaths & Highly Sensitive Women, I empower you to unlock and embrace the light of your inner world.

I look forward to being your guiding light and supporting you on your inner healing journey.

Available Classes

Create Your Year Workshop

Create Your Year Workshop is a beautiful supportive way to start the New Year.

I support you to release old energy from the year that has gone, to make space for the energy of the new year.

I take you on a journey to meet with your Guardian Angel to receive your word or theme of the year.

I teach you a fun activity to embody your word or theme of the year with a digital vision board.

Master Your Intuition

Your Intuition is your lifeline to connect to your Spirit Guides, Angels, Loved ones and Cosmic Team.

In this digital course: Master Your Intuition

I will teach you four different inner senses to start to master your intuition.

My Classes Available Classes
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